BT Tower previously known as Post Office Building appeared in many films like ‘Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets’

BT Tower is an iconic London grade II listed landmarks. It has appeared in many films, including ‘Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets’. This Tower was commissioned by Post Office and opened in 1966 by famous left-wing politician Tony Benn.

BT Tower was used to support telecommunications traffic from London to the rest of the United Kingdom. It continues today to support communications, albeit with more modern technological methods.

Address and nearest tube to BT Tower

Address: The British Telecom Tower, 60 Cleveland Street, Fiztrovia, London W1T 4JZ
Nearest Tube: Warren Street (Northern Line; Victoria Line)

Visit the website for more information. See other similar attractions like Shard BuildingGherkin-londonTower 42 etc.

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