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Educational Tour to know rich history of London, Museums Arts & Galleries

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Educational Tour or Study Tour- an excellent opportunity for students to know the new country, history, cultures etc

Educational Tour opens an excellent opportunity for students to know the new country, history, cultures etc with a positive outlook. Education Tour is very much important for students. Student travel needs a good arrangement considering all aspects to the needs of Students taking with proper health and safety measures.

Features of Educational Tour or Student Travel

– Tours for School, College and University groups from all over the world.
– Every tour generally is tailor-made, educational and fun.
– Providing Professional Guides and Tour Directors (Blue Badge Tourist Guides having past teaching experience or specific Subject Knowledgeable Person)
– Groups from 12-150
– Arrange Accommodation, Transport, Meals etc. to suit the budget
– Viewing of Attraction, Entrance tickets
Museum, Art & Design
Talks and lectures
– Course-specific itineraries
Theatre/Cinema/Music Tickets
– English / French Language Tours
– Itinerary planning, booking and tour management.


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Study Tour or Educational Tour Providers

Here we list some established Student Travel Company. But if you find somewhere a good Provider, please share your experience with us. We will add them.

01. London Guided Tours – Tel. 0203 664 8691 Email. [email protected]

02. Guide London – Tel: 020 7611 2545, 020 7611 2500 Email. [email protected]

03. UK School Trips or City Cruises-UK School Trips – Tel: 020 77 400 400 Email. [email protected] This journey along the Thames with City Cruises will give a unique insight into the history of London with entertaining and informative commentary on every sightseeing cruise.

04. Go West (Leicester) Ltd – Tel. 01455 550 710 Email. [email protected]

05. International Friends Co – Tel. 01223 244 555, 0845 057 0349 Email. [email protected]

06. Student Tours – Tel. 0208 123 5057, 07846459077 Email. [email protected]

07. UK Study Tours – Tel. 01273 72 55 77 Email. [email protected]

08. Samiad UK – Tel. 0121 250 5738 Email. [email protected]

09. Indigo Travel – Tel. 01202 295 336, 07882 001 338 (Omar), 07544 567 667 (Andrea) Email. [email protected]

10. Hugh Macdonald-Buchanan – Tel. 07866 706688, 01296 655142 Email. [email protected]

11. Tours4Students – Tel. 0800 0433887 Email. [email protected]

12. Sightseeing page will provide more resourceful information who are also familiar with Educational Group Tour Management. You can also enjoy Free Guided Walking Tour.

Students can also make the travel plan without taking any help from tour providers. Visit our other pages like City Sightseeing BusSightseeing by public busSee London on FootBike Tour.


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