Fleming Collection- a dedicated gallery of Scottish art open all year round for public. The collection comprises over 750 oils and watercolours from 1770 to the present day

Fleming Collection-Scottish Art are basically the finest collections of Scottish Art. Collection started in 1968 hosting art of Scottish origins – created by Scottish artists or featuring Scotland. The Fleming Collection still continues to grow. But the gallery situated earlier in Mayfair was closed in March 2016. The Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation runs it now “museum without walls” strategy using its collection to initiate exhibitions of Scottish Art outside Scotland like London, outside London etc

It is the only dedicated gallery granting public access to Scottish art all year round. The collection comprises over 750 oils and watercolours from 1770 to the present day including works by Raeburn, Ramsay, Wilkie and two iconic paintings of the Highland Clearances: The Last of the Clan by Thomas Faed and Lochaber No More by John Watson Nicol.

Fleming Collection: Admission ticket price, opening hours

Admission Tickets: Free admission i.e. no entrance fee. There may be a charge for special exhibitions.
Opening Hours: Varies on exhibitions.

Address and nearest tube to Fleming Collection

Address: The Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, 15 Suffolk Street, London, SW1Y 4HG
Telephone and Email: 0207 042 5730 Email: [email protected]
Nearest Tube/Train Bus: Venues for exhibitions not fixed.

Please visit the website for more and update information. You can also visit other popular museums and arts galleries

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