Infographic & Videos on London history timeline facts tells the beginning of London story from Roman London to Modern London. You will know a short history of London in a few minutes.

London History is very old. It started its journey more than 2000 years before. Roman invaded London in 43 AD when the Roman Emperor was Claudius. They founded London at about 50 AD and called it Londinium. The Romans built a bridge across the Thames which means the place of the bold one.

Roman General Aulus Plautius served as the first governor of Roman Britain. London was the administrative centre for the province of Britannia (Britain). Part of the population was from all parts of the Roman Empire. The majority were native Britain. It was a mix of civilians, families, soldiers, sailors, workers and slaves

In 408, the Roman army had withdrawn. The Roman Emperor Honorious told the people of Britain that they should defend themselves. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes began first to raid Roman Britain and start to settle in certain areas. The Anglo-Saxons at that time were barbarians.

The following infographic on London history timeline & facts will give a basic understanding of the colourful London history

London history timeline facts- a short history of London

Infographic-londonvisit-short history of London-Timeline Facts

Evolution of London city- London story starts from Roman London to Modern London

The following outstanding London Evolution Animation (LEA) shows the historical development of London from Roman times to today. Georeferenced road network data brought together for the first time. The animation also visualizes (as enlarging yellow points) the position and number of statutorily protected buildings and structures built during each period.

Evolution of London city- London history 

The LEA (London Evolution Animation) was developed by The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (UCL), as a partnership project between Dr Kiril Stanilov -The Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (University of Cambridge), Museum of London Archaeology (with the Mapping London and Locating London’s Past projects). Data were taken from the National Heritage List for England, courtesy of English Heritage. It was initiated and directed by Polly Hudson (PHD). Animation by Flora Roumpani (CASA). More information UCL-BartlettEnglish Heritage etc.

Greater London covers 600 square miles, however, up until the 17th century, the capital was largely crammed into a single square mile, marked by the skyscrapers of the financial City today.

Amazing old London footage, plus today’s shots of the same location


The oldest footage of London city was taken between 1890 and 1920. It shows old footage of various places around London with modern shots of the same location today. More Yestervid,
London becomes one of the most visited cities in the world. People would like to visit London to know its colourful history, to view the attractions and so many other things to do. You will understand why visit London once you are in London

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03. Museum of London: Discover the history of London and its people. Visit the museum. Entrance is free. know a bit on the Museum of London

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