London as a multicultural global city, find here religious places for all believers like stunning Church Mosque Temple etc. and also enjoy their religious festivals

Religious Places and Festivals– London has religious places at different places for all the believers living in this global city. Festivals like Diwali, Eid or Christmas on the Square are being celebrated annually with sponsorship and initiatives of London Mayor ensuring that the city’s various communities were able to celebrate their symbolic occasions and festivals.

Stunning Churches side by side Mosques, Hindu Temples, Buddha Temple, Gurdwara Sikh etc. are a wonderful symbol of how London continues to provide the most multicultural experience of any city in the world.

If you practice religion or interest in theology feel free to visit these religious places. You will be amazed to discover how Religion is attached to the public’s daily life. Please phone them or visit the specific website prior to knowing the prayer times if you offer to pray. Click the following link to get an individual brief history and contact address. You also can find altogether with pressing Church and Christian Festivals like ChristmasMosques and Muslim Festivals like EidTemples for Hindus Buddhist Sikh

Religious Places Festivals- Church Christmas

Religious Places Festivals -Mosque, Eid

Religious Places Festivals – Temple Gurdwara Diwali


Open University’s 8 videos on religious places

The above 8 videos are made as a part of OpenLearn program on Exploring Religion in London by The Open University. Bevis Marks Synagogue, East London Mosque, Jesus House, Neasden TempleSikh Temple Gurdwara- Sri Guru Singh SabhaSt Paul CathedralWestminster Cathedral, Remembering Pocahontas: A Ceremony. Find the total list of places of worship in London. You may have interest to know also 10 extraordinary sacred sites around Britain (BBC).

Visitors are very much welcome to London. We are here to help you in choosing and booking London attractions. Just contact us, we will do the rest. You will find London Tourist Information Centres within your reach. For travel information, click here TFL- Travel Information for Visitors. Any problem, need help- why not to seek Police help London Met Police-Your Friend Always


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