Get rent-free accommodation in London. But you agree to provide some services to house owners. Free accommodation but for work, care etc. Backpackers usually like it.

Rent-free accommodation in London– Yes! it is absolutely true. If you agree to the conditions set by the providers and follow the steps, you will get it. Accommodation cost occupies the big part of your travel budget. Once you manage the free accommodation, it saves you a lot. You can explore more and more countries.

If you are a single person or a couple backpacking around the world looking for budget accommodation, we are sure one of the following will suit you. Still, you can’t manage free accommodation, email us to book a shared accommodation with a family at the cost of £20-£35 per night.

Options: how to get rent-free accommodation in London:

01. Vacation Home Exchange or Home Swap

Providers websites: 
Home exchange
Love home swap
Guardian home exchange (owned by The Guardian newspaper)

This is for those who own a home. You need to communicate with fellow homeowners in other countries or cities through the provider’s websites. If you both agree, swap or exchange the house for a specific period of times.

02. House Sitting

Providers websites:
Trusted house sitters
House carers
Worldwide house sitters
Mind my house
Luxury house sitting

This is a good option for staying in London without booking a hotel. You do not need to pay any money. What you need to do is to keep the house neat and tidy, look after the pets, other jobs set by the house owners.

03. Property Guardian

Providers website:
Dot Dot Dot property
Camelot Europe
Ad Hoc Property Guardians

A property Guardian looks after the property on behalf of the owner. You may need to keep the place tidy or do other voluntary works in return. hotels in London

04. Work exchange

Providers websites:
Help Stay
WWOOF (Farm job)
Farm stay (Farm job)
Helpx (Voluntary jobs)
Live in jobs (Restaurants & Pub jobs)

In exchange for work for a few hours a week, you can get free places in London to stay. It might be elder care, disabled care, housekeeping, childcare, farming job, restaurant & pub job, professional help like accounts, typing or internet. It depends on the requirement of the homeowners.

05. Couch Surfing

Providers websites:
Couch surfing
Global freeloaders
Hospitality club
Culture go go

Couch surfing is a good option to stay with locals. This way you are making life long good friends. Moreover, you able to know the different cultures of another country or city. While registering, surfers may need to write something about him like who are they, what they are looking for, what is the speciality, hobbies, goal, objectives etc. Homeowners search out the profiles. If he finds someone suitable, contact the person who is looking for free accommodation.

06. Free place to live for a specific group

This is for the family members of a child who is a cancer patient receiving treatments. Click to know details

07. An advertisement offering free accommodation

Sometimes homeowners, companies or organizations publish an advertisement for offering free accommodation in exchange for specific jobs to be done. Gumtree is the best place to look for such kind of advertisement.

You can visit most of the Museums, Art Galleries free. Also, take a free guided walking tour service.

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