UK Visa is a primary requirement for visiting London. Some countries do not need UK Visit visa or Tourist Visa. Check you may be one of them

UK Visa: UK Government website is the right place to know about tourist visa or visit visa. Apply online for Visit Visa. If you can not apply online, download the Visa Application Form and Guidance Note. Here we will also highlight Luggage Policy and UK Customs at the end

At first, click here to check whether you need visa or not

UK immigration system is very strict and comprehensive. UK law is reviewed and changed frequently to the needs of current circumstances prevailing. So it is strongly advisable to check Government Website how to get Visitor Visa. And to check always the relevant webpages up to the arrival of London. There are plenty of Visa services out there but this is the responsibility of whom who is travelling to UK/London. If you have right documents and funds to cover your stay, there should be no problem to get Visa at all.

UK Visit Visa category is divided into seven sub-categories, with each sub-category allowing non-EU visitors to the UK to enter the country for a period of up to six months. Certain criteria will need to be met in order to obtain a UK Visit Visa and those criteria will depend upon the type of Visit Visa that you require. Details are as follows:

1. At First, check whether you need a UK Visa or not. This results also show you what to do next. Please follow their guidelines. Click to Check if you need a visa

2.If you need UK Visa, You can visit main page-Tourist and short stay visas and next visit the relevant page that suits you. Visit Tourist and short stay visas

3.Supporting Documents- Get the Guidelines in English or Chinese language. Click to Download

Others-For your information. Please check always websites for update

4.To enter the United Kingdom, a passport valid for at least three months beyond length of stay is required by all nationals.

5.Nationals not requiring visas are advised to be in possession of either a return ticket or, if arriving on a one-way ticket, proof of sufficient funds to accommodate and support themselves for the duration of stay.

6.UK Visa application to: Consulate (or consular section at embassy/ high commission). In some countries, you can apply online.

7.Schengen visas: The United Kingdom is not part of the Schengen area. So you need to take a visa for UK Visit if applicable.

8.The length of time taken to process visa applications depends on the nationality of the applicant and the country where you’re applying. Generally, you can expect a decision within three weeks.

9.Extension of stay: If you are initially given permission to enter for three months, you may apply to UK Visas and Immigration to extend your stay to six months from your original date of entry..

10.If, however, you have stayed for the maximum allowable time, you can’t extend your visit further or switch to another immigration category. It’s essential that you leave the country before your visa expires, or you may not be allowed to travel to the UK again for any reason. The maximum total time you can stay in the United Kingdom is six months.

11.Entry with pets: Your animal must have a microchip, pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate, rabies vaccination administered at least 21 days before travel, and tapeworm treatment (dogs only), blood test taken at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination and at least three months before travel etc,It also varies EU & Non-EU countries. For full details, see

12.Another good website provides valuable information for travellers with respect to Passport, Visa & Health Regulations. You may find it very useful. IATA Travel Centre

UK Customs – Hand Luggage Allowances

There are restrictions on what items you can take in your hand luggage and hold luggage when boarding a plane to the UK. Its worth to follow for avoiding any hassles, Please Click this link- Luggage restrictions

Please click HMRC website to know details what items you can bring into UK or which items are banned. When arriving in the UK you may be required to pay customs duty on some goods, for example wine and cigarettes. Check which rules apply to you before you travel. Tax when bringing in goods from abroad

Apart from UK Visa, you may also want to know the London weather and attractions

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