Popular Walking Tour Providers in London. Before booking please judge everything like itineraries, significance of place, price, time duration, assembling point, light food arrangement etc.

Walking tour providers in London: There are many options for London Walks available based on attractions, interest, history etc. It’s friendly, fun, usually cheap but informative. Travel Guide will take you on a journey through London’s colourful and sometimes dark history. You are to explore London’s busy streets and discover 2,000 years of fascinating and entertaining history

Types of Walking Tours: some popular London Walk Tour

01. City Sightseeing – Top sights like British Museum, Westminster, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London Tour, Victoria & Albert Museum

Courtesy: Youtube-Westminster,St Paul’s & Buckingham Palace,Walking Tour

02. Secret London Tour or London Trails (Walking Tours with Old Maps) Or Roman London (London during Roman Period)

To show you the hidden parts of London that few people know about. You will visit secret alleyways, ancient pubs, hear of body snatchers and murders, and reveal the unexpected and unseen.

03. The Alternative London Tour– East London’s ‘alternative’ side – to the history and culture of the Brick Lane ‘Banglatown’ and Shoreditch areas

04. London Art/Street Art & Fashion Walk

05. Black History Walks– Explore the history of London’s African populations with these regular tours in the City, West End, Docklands, Elephant and Castle and Notting Hill. You’ll hear how much of England’s wealth was built on African labour and resources, discover the streets that carry African names, and learn to spot African architectural influences

06. The Jack the Ripper Walk– Very popular. A murderer History & The Places where the victims were found. Still it is mystery.

Courtesy: Youtube-Jack The Ripper, Walking Tour

07. Brit Movie Tour like The Harry Potter Film Locations Tours, Doctor Who, James Bond etc. – Film locations in London etc.

08. Ghosts Tour– What you are expected to see

Courtesy: Youtube-London Ghost Tour, Walking Tour

09. Beatles Walks – Rock ‘N’ Roll London Walks -Show you the places where Beatles Music were recorded, The road they used, renowned abbey crossing..

10. Foodies’ Walks/Gourmet’s London, Market Street Food Walk And London Pub Walks. Very popular. You will see or even enjoy fabulous London Food at historical Restaurants, Pubs, Market Streets

11. Waterside Guided Walks like Thames Beachcombing, London’s River Thames– the City’s ebb and flow, London Canal Walks

Courtesy: Youtube-Regents Canal Walk, Walking Tour

Walking Tour Providers

Here we list some established London walk tour providers. They also arrange a Corporate Tour. If you find somewhere a good walk tour provider, please share your experience with us. We will add them.

01. City of London Tourist Guides or City of London

City Information Centre, St Paul’s Churchyard, London, EC4M 8BX. Tel. 020 7606 3030 (located between St Paul’s Cathedral and Millennium Bridge)

02. Walks or London Walks And they have another 2 websites for specific walk Tour like The Jack the Ripper Walk, Ghost Walks London Tel. 0207624 3978

03. London Historians Tel. 07980 623 750

04. Fox & Squirrel London Walks Tel. 07723 421169

05. Black History Walks Email: [email protected]

06. London Street Tours Email: [email protected]

07. Street Art London Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Courtesy: Youtube-London Street Art Tour, Walking Tour

08. Secret London Walks Tel. 020 8445 0159, Email:[email protected]

09. London Guided Walks Tel. 07545 020406

10. London Town Walks Tel. 07849 759012

11. Brit Movie Tours – Tel. 0844 2471 007, 020 7118 1007 Email. [email protected]

12. Food Walking Tour.

13. Shoreditch Street Art Tours – Email. [email protected]

14. Classic Walks – Tel. 07882 338 779

15. London City Steps – Tel. 0208 980 5868 Email. [email protected]

16. Egyptian London[email protected] [email protected]

You can see London on foot by yourself. Please visit the related page walking London. You do not need to take the tour provider service. You may also enjoy free guide walking service


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